Hello, I am Maritza Hatler and  I have chosen this topic to blog about because robotics is something I have a passion for and find great interest in. I take a Robotics III class during school. I was exposed to this robotics program in sixth grade and decided to sign up for it for one of my seventh grade electives and been in the program ever since then. One of my favorite quotes is “Robots are interesting because they exist as a real technology that you can really study – and they also have all this pop-culture real estate that they take up in people’s minds.”- Daniel H. Wilson

On this site you will be finding information about robotics and my life in robotics. The information about robotics could be but not limited to are latest news, programming, creating your own robot, and etc. My life in robotics will be the daily dose of what happens in the Robotics III class I am currently in during school hours. Robotics for half a semester is a competition class, and then the other half of the semester is a regular robotics class that consists of what happens in Robotics I and Robotics II.  Once in a while we have other activities to do such as STEM Nation and Flight Night which would make us pause on what Robotics I and Robotics II are doing at the moment.