Why is Robotics Being Introduced to Young Minds ?

Robotics is one of the most complicated career fields you could possibly learn, yet we have students in elementary having exposure to this field. The world as a whole is evolving in the technology field, and generations are growing accustomed to the technology. People would say it is bizarre to not be in a possession of a mobile phone. Not having the latest technology in your hands to access would make it seem as if you are an oddball and weird. Children not having the latest technology makes them feel out of place at a young age, while all of their other friends have the latest technology. Being out of place leads to them begging their parents to purchase these items. As children see more and more of their friends around them having this, they feel the need to have it too. When owning the device you will eventually have to learn how to operate it where it starts allowing children to learn and become interested in any type of technology field in their future. For people who become interested into technology/robotics, in my school we have a specific robotics class that competes in the BEST (Boosting, Engineering, Science, Technology) competition where they encourage students to get excited about robotics. They host these competitions all over the United States to get robotics known to the students and allowing them a chance to participate on how a company is based off of robotics. The world nowadays give children opportunities to be able to find any type of passion they may have whether it be with technology or not. People are exposed to technology and some may of a connection and want to pursue a career involving technology throughout their life. Robotics is exposed in many ways such as television, games, and etc. It is the people who choose whether to grasp the topic or not which will determine their future.


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