8 Reasons Why ALL Schools Should Have Robotics

Technology has advanced a lot over many years making it become more important every day. According to fortune.com, software developer/applications has 21,084 job openings which is constantly growing and is predicted to continue growing in the future. This gigantic number may be part of the reason because schools are not able to reach out to students and encourage them to take part in technical career fields. Having a robotics class in schools would allow many students to find passion that would help them make a choice to join a career that affects their future positively.

8.  Students find it interesting and fun

Many students love a challenge and that is what robotics can bring you in a variety of ways. There are several competitions that your school can get involved in. Although there are variety’s of competitions, many people think of robotics just crashing into each other (This is an option to take.), but there is more competitions where students can compete by earning points on what their robot can achieve. Students can spark an interest in the robotics field and pursue it.

7. Teaches Life Skills

Being in robotics, gives students experiences that they will forever hold and use towards their future. Robotics gives room for students to have creativity. Sometimes they will experience frustration and need to channel it productively. They will have to use the frustration to try harder to accomplish their end goal.

6. Students Can Pursue a Career 

Robotics is a career field that will be needed in our world. The world progresses every day allowing new innovations to be created. Salaries in robotics typically start with $52,010 and go up till about $150,830 yearly. Students will be able to pursue a career in what they love and have a good pay.

5. Building for the Future

In robotics, students learn special critiques that they will use. Robotics is important for the future because we need to equip ourselves to do hard tasks. We need robots to perform dangerous tasks, repetitive, and high-precision work. The robots will perform with speed and accuracy making it more ideal for robots rather than humans. Robots perform tasks in hostile environments that will endanger or are impossible for humans.

4. Reaches Out to Young Minds

Robotics is a great way to reach out to young minds. Robotics has been more talked about now than ever. Many people are concerned about robots taking the place of humans in jobs. Children should know more about this topic, to give them as much time as possible to decide what they want to do for the future as adults.

3. Teaches Managing

Students will have to learn how to use and value their resources. Robotics teaches students how to work systematically. In some assignments, students will have to work in teams to learn how to cooperate with one another. They will find out they have to rely on each other and some will not like it, but will have to learn. This is a great experience for students because in the real world, they will not always be able to make all the choices of whom they work with.

2. Teaches Analyzing

Students will encounter a problem and have to find a solution. They will encounter this many times when testing a program on how it runs. They will have to make minor tweaks which could make a major change. They have to find out what causes what and how to solve it.

1. It is a Great Experience!

I personally competed in H.O.T. BEST (Heart of Texas Boosting Engineering Science Technology). In my competition, your school can earn awards and students earn medals depending on what they achieve. I highly encourage students to get involved within robotics. There’s something for everyone, programming, building, designing, and more!


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