B.E.S.T. Robotics Can Change Students Lives

B.E.S.T. Robotics is a life changing experience. B.E.S.T. Robotics stands for Boosting, Engineering, Science,and Technology. Their main goal is to reach out to students and get them hyped for robotics.  It’s a national six week competition in the United States. The competition rolls out around fall every year. The competition has different components to make it successful and interesting. Every year the theme of the game changes, as the theme changes everything contained within the competition changes. This could include the playing field and limits with the robots. It is an overall amazing experience to get involved with.

Hub Growth Table B.E.S.T. Robotics has been doing a terrific job of promoting the robotics field. This chart keeps record of the different information that has occurred. To make it more convenient for people to travel to the competitions they divide multiple hubs into the different states. In fact, your school can be eligible to join this competition!



There are so many opportunities and ways to be involved in this competition. There is freedom, but there is also limitations. Freedom can go up to coaches picking out students to be in a team, and those students will choose a job in their specialty, such as programming. Some limitations will be what materials you get to use to build your robot and the size/weight limits.  There are many possibilities to earn awards for the school, even medals for the students. It is an amazing experience and getting together as a team to accomplish a goal is a wonder feeling.

For more information visit the B.E.S.T. Robotics website. 















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