Extreme Spirit for Robotics Competition

Ever had your hair sprayed with orange and white? Well I have, and it all started because RoboCo, my robotics team, participates in the B.E.S.T. competition every year. If you qualify at regionals, you get to go to the state competition. The state competition consists of 3 states instead of just one, for Texas. In this competition, the teams try to earn awards for different categories. One award we go for is especially is the spirit award. To earn this award, you have to have team spirit, cheer on other teams, and anything else you can think of about spirit. One year we went all out, and I mean all out. This includes having orange and white hula hoops, flags, ribbon, buckets, hair spray, instruments, and much more. I am more of an introverted person, so I dreaded being loud and outgoing. The thing is I love robotics, so all of us introverted people had to cheer on and break out of our shells for a few days. I was with my friends and our drivers were up on the playing field, which had everyone cheering extra loud from our side. While being in this moment, I felt my hair blowing towards my head. I ignored it the first time, not thinking anything about it. Then it happened again with more pressure, and I looked over to my friend asking if she did anything, but she had not witnessed anything or did anything. It happened another time, and I knew I was not just being paranoid or imaging it, so I cautiously turn around and everything seemed normal. I was getting about done with this, so I told my friend if she look around to see if she notices anything. My friend and I started continuing on as if nothing happened, but then we would be more aware to see if anything would happen. I felt the spray again, and look over to my friend to find her laughing. I was asking her why she was laughing and why she was messing with me. I saw her looking in the direction behind me, so I turned around and saw my coach hiding something. I turned back around, and then in a split second I turn back and see him with the bottle of hair spray colored orange. He hid it behind him again, as if I did not see it. I felt my hair and looked at the ends to find it orange. It was already mostly done, so I told them to just finish coloring my hair. They finished coloring my hair by using a pattern with orange and white. Later on that week, we won the award for spirit.


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