Robots Taking Over our Current Jobs Could be the Best Thing to Happen to Us?

Robots taking over jobs could be one of the greatest achievements. An analysis says as many as 38% of U.S. jobs could be automated by the 2030’s. Another analysis puts the number at 47% by 2033. People with jobs in education,health care, and social work are at the least risk of being replaced. Many people are concerned about about robots taking over jobs, and the effects it’ll have on the economy. Mechanization did not ruin the economy; it made it better off. Image result for mcdonalds robotHaving robots in job positions, allows businesses to have quality and fast production. A multi-tasker bot, from Momentum Machines, can make a gourmet hamburger in 10 seconds. This robot could soon lead to replacing an entire McDonald’s crew. Food nowadays is cheap compared to what it was relative to income. This allows people to have money to spend on other desires. Labor does not simply go away; Labor is moved around. Humans will still be necessary in the economy, although it would be difficult to know what we will be doing. In the 1800s, 80% of the U.S. labor force worked on farms. While that was a large number in the 1800s, it is now only about 2%. The economics has not changed due to technology advancing.Although, due to robots advancing this may make the course of the human element have difficulty on some individuals to locate a job or learn different skills for employment. The changing workforce will create more jobs in the future, but there will be competition. There will be competition due to how skilled people are, and it is more likely the jobs will be given to those higher skilled workers. It is ideal that workers that design and produce the robots, and have complementary skills to work alongside the artificial intelligence partners will be more secured. It is said that they would see more of the riches, while others could end up being left behind. If If a person were able to make a choice to purchase a robot for an affordable price to do all the household chores, it would be likely they would purchase one. Would that leave a person disappointed that they did not have to do household chores? It is highly unlikely a person would be disappointed about not having to do household chores. This would allow more valuable resources for us. One of these resources being the most valuable, time. Robots allow more free time for humans. The person would just find other things to do with their time. Robots taking over jobs is good for us. They are giving us time, quality, and fast production. Who wouldn’t want to have time, quality, and fast production?


2 thoughts on “Robots Taking Over our Current Jobs Could be the Best Thing to Happen to Us?

    • Labor is moved around. It creates other jobs in other positions that require skill. The job world will always be filled with competition. For example, the farms were filled with job positions, but then technology had advanced and allowed more sufficient working leading less positions on the farms. The economy was not ruined. People had to gain skills to compete for better jobs.


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